View From The Barber’s Chair

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In the event that you need to get your hair styling in Villefranche du Perigord, a town in the heart of France, you have two decisions. On one side of the road is a hair specialists, all chrome and gleaming mirrors, a bit further down is a hairdressers of the relentless razor kind.

However its no Sweeny Todd style shop more an incredible spot to appreciate an overwhelming measurements of French life. I’d officially arranged myself for the visit, taking in the French word for short, for a little shorter please and leave the sideburns as they may be.

Well perhaps not the last one.

I was additionally trusting that there would be several pictures on the divider, in the same way as all great hairdressers, that I could at any rate point to. Anyway I then had a frenzy assault as I thought they all may be pictures from the 70’s and I’d need to indicate something that the Hair Bear Bunch would be glad for.

As I strolled into the shop there was an old chap sat in the seat with the hairdresser keeping an eye on his hair and visiting without end. They both turned towards me and said ‘bonjour’.

I gave back where its due and as there was nobody holding up simply sat on one of the seats and held my horses. After ten minutes and I was sat under the speedy scissors and smooth style of Daniel Galdrat, Villefranche du Perigord’s actual hair stylist.

“I’ve been a stylist in the town for a long time, I was conceived 50 meters far from the shop and I’ve existed here all my life,” Daniel said.

“After I exited school I prepared to be a hairdresser at school and began working in the shop.”

Daniel is even more an artist than a hair specialist, he uses scissors and a brush like a craftsman utilizes a brush, with a fragile touch and commitment to detail. He turns to his relentless razor to take the hair off the once more of your neck and just uses the electric trimmers to agreeable your sideburns.

“It’s a disgrace that hair specialists today just utilize the trimmers to trim individuals’ hair, however that is the thing that they are taught at school,” said Daniel.

“They have no learning of how to utilize the scissors and brush to trim hair, they should be shearing sheep.” At the again of the shop is a gathering of wooden mushrooms, strolling sticks and sticks – the other enthusiasm in Daniel’s life.

He delights in going out into the Dordogne woods around the town with his puppy and cam to take pictures of mushrooms that he utilizes as the premise for his woodturning. What’s more it is clear to see the abilities he has created as an issue turn out in his leisure activity again the touch of a stone carver is apparent.

“I appreciate the mountains,” Daniel said as he indicated a vast notice of the Alps on the divider.

“In any case I can’t get to see them as regularly as I would like

“I am planning to resign soon, however there is nobody to assume control over the running of the shop so far.”

As my slice was going to a completion an alternate man dropped into the shop, said bonjour, and shook both Daniel’s hand and mine. He said the climate was in regards to turn and as I got up to pay, he took his spot in the stylist’s seat.